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Gold Laced Sebright Hens - A Poultry Guide

If you visit our Barn Shop here at FSF, you will on your walk from the car park to the door, pass a Flyte Aviary 8 Hen House and its auric feathered residents, the FSF Gold Laced Sebright Hens. These inquisitive little birds spend their days scratching around the woodchip, snoozing on the Aviary's day perches and taking interest in the customers as they walk by.

Gold Laced Sebrights
Gold Laced Sebrights
The Sebright is one of the few true bantam breeds, meaning they have no larger equivalent. The bird was first breed by Sir John Sebright in the 19th century and it took several years of selective breeding to get the exact pattern to the feathers that he wanted. The exact birds used to make the Sebright are unknown, but thoughts are that a buff bantam was crossed with hennie game fowl for the gold colour and a white rose comb cockerel for the silver.

Our Sebright Hens draw many admiring glances due to the wonderful gold lacing to their feathers, and all feathers need to have this lacing for it to be a true Sebright. The colour of the feathers can change from place to place, from pale to dark.

Day Peches Flyte so Fancy Hen House
Day Perches of the Flyte Aviary 8 
Type: True Bantam
Eggs: 50 to 80 white eggs per year
Colours: Gold and Silver colours standardised in the UK

The Gold Sebright hens have lived here at FSF HQ for nearly two years and do so quite happily in their Flyte Aviary 8. The Flyte Aviary 8 has some well thought out features for both the chicken and the poultry keeper.

For the hens it has day perches (a great place to sit, soak up the sun and have a chicken chat), a large airy run with plenty of room for them to stretch their wings and the raised living area provides a nice covered spot for our Gold Sebrights to shelter from the rain and shade themselves from the sun.

Chicken Blogs
Gold Laced Sebright 
For the poultry keeper the Aviary Hen House comes with all of its access on one side, making it ideal for putting in those lost garden corners or up against a fence. It also comes with a large access door right into the coop area, an external nest box for easy egg collection and a completely removable floor to make cleaning quick and simple.

So next time you visit the shop take a moment to stop outside the Gold Sebright's hen house and say hello, they will probably ignore you entirely as they snooze upon their perches, but you will be able to enjoy the wonderful lacing of their plumage.

If you have any questions about our hen houses why not leave a comment below or phone 01300 345229 to talk to a member of our team.

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