Friday, 3 March 2017

A Photo Tour of the Maggie's 24 Hen House

One of our most popular hen houses since the workshop first nailed two boards together; the Maggie's Hen House range has everything you need to keep your hens happy and healthy. Coming with external nest boxes for easy egg retrieval, removable dirt trays for easy cleaning and a classic design that makes it easy on the eye, the Maggie's Hen House is ideal for first time poultry keepers and established flocks alike.

It even comes with an option for when your love of hens becomes so much you start to wonder where you are going to keep them all. The Maggie's 24 Hen House. A substantial and robust hen house, for large flocks has everything that hens need to live in spacious luxury. This week's Flyte so Fancy Chicken Blog is a photo tour of the Maggie's 24 Hen House and its many features.

Chicken Coop Perches - Maggie's 24 Hen House
Racked Perches in the Maggie 24 Hen House
Starting inside the hen house, the Maggie's 24 comes with a set of four raked perches providing plenty of room for each and every hen to roost in comfort. The hen house comes with ventilation in the apex of the roof, however there is also additional ventilation from a side window with a sliding cover allowing you to provide extra air during warmer weather and keeping the hen house fresher and more hygienic.

Flyte so Fancy Maggie's 24 Hen House
Maggie's 24 Nestbox
The Maggie's 24 come with a large external nestbox. Dividers in the nest box provide three cosy dark areas for your hens to settle down in. The lift up lid of the nestbox then allows you to collect your eggs with ease.

Removable Dirt Tray for Hen Houses
Removable Dirt Tray
 The removable dirt tray can be accessed from outside the coop via a sliding panel. You can then take the dirt tray directly to your compost heap to get rid of your used bedding; making cleaning that much easier.

Timber Hen Houses Made in the UK
Maggie's 24 Hen House
 The Maggie's 24 Hen House is a large hen house for larger flocks. It's many labour saving features and easy access for cleaning make it a simple and easy to use hen house for poultry keepers. The additional option of adding an automatic door opener, to save you early mornings to let the hens out.

If you have any questions about the Maggie's 24 Hen House why not leave a comment below or contact us on 01300 345229 to speak to a member of the Flyte so Fancy team.

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