Friday, 10 January 2014

Guaranteed Quality Chicken Houses from Flyte so Fancy

January 9th 2014 marked the first day in six weeks where the country did not not have any Severe Weather Warnings upon it. Frankly, when the sun poked its head out from behind a cloud here in Dorset, everyone at Flyte so Fancy HQ took off so many layers you would of thought we had been hit by a tropical spell of unseasonably hot weather. However, with more rain on the way, freezing conditions, mud, high winds and no doubt more classic British weather, many of our wonderful customers, while ordering their Flyte so Fancy chicken coops, have been asking about our hen houses' guarantee. It is a very important question.

Granary Chicken Coop

After the recent storms and bad weather it's understandable that people are concerned not only that they are buying the highest quality chicken coop (which all Flyte so Fancy hen houses are) but also that ALL of the hen house is guaranteed. Tucked away here in the Blackmore Vale in Dorset, we are surrounded by countryside, wildlife and woodland and we love it all, we especially love the woodland. We source our Scandinavian Redwood timber ourselves from one mill in Sweden, making sure it's only the best, slow grown close grained timber, superior for building with. Pressure treated with Tanalith-E, every piece of wood then spends time enjoying the Dorset wind and sun, drying out until it is at its optimum for building with.

Chicken Coops by UK Based Flyte so Fancy

All this being said, wood is the living breathing part of the tree, and it can have a tendency to move with changes in temperature and humidity. Whilst in our care, and in our timber yards, we do everything we can to make sure the wood does what we want, however we cannot guarantee that once on its own the wood will not do what it wants to do. Despite our dedication and adherence to only using the highest quality of timber, there may be movement or cracks that appear over time. We recommend that you treat your house twice a year with Burgess Marine Clearsealer to maintain its water resistant qualities. However if you feel that the wood is misbehaving too much we offer a NO QUIBBLE and NO EXCEPTIONS guarantee for the WHOLE HEN HOUSE for two years, covering everything from the smallest brass hinge, the floor and the roof to the Flyte so Fancy tag on the front of it. If ANY part needs replacing, we will do that. 

Flyte so Fancy Scandinavian Redwood Timber

Here at Flyte so Fancy we are enormously proud of our reputation for quality and customer service. Which is why often, even after the two year guarantee is over, we still provide replacement parts to our customers if the hen house has suffered, only the other day we sent out a replacement ramp for a Hobby Duck House that is over five years old and still going strong.   

We believe we have a duty of care to you, our customers, for buying a high quality chicken coop, which is why, without omission or exclusion, we stand by our chicken coops and after six weeks of severe weather warnings and with black clouds swirling's above FSF HQ, having a full and completely encompassing guarantee gives real peace of mind.

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