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Flyte so Fancy Walk-In Chicken Runs - Poultry Protection Pens

When I'm feeling particularly dramatic or busy, I like to portray myself to the rest of the office team, as the resident Sisyphus. The man condemned to push a boulder to the top of a hill each day only to have it roll to the bottom again. While poetical, I will however admit, that at the top of my list of jobs to do for quite some while now, are new photos for the Flyte so Fancy Poultry Protection Pen.

Here at Flyte so Fancy, we continually update and re-do our instructions to make them as crystal clear and user friendly as possible. Anne often reminds me that when I tell customers that they can have a Long Legged Maggie's 12 Hen House together in twenty minutes with "a minute break for a cup of tea" that they haven't constructed three hundred of them, like I have. Our Poultry Protection Pens are also very simple to put together and built of the highest quality and strongest materials to keep your birds safe.

Walk In Runs
Two Young Volunteers put together a Protection Pen
The Flyte so Fancy Poultry Protection Pen is a large walk-in chicken run keeps your hens secure. Starting at the smallest 9ft x 9ft and going up in jumps of 3ft, to the largest feasible, a 9ft by 24ft. Built from flat wired panels of pressure treated 38 x 38 timber, on to this is wired inch by half inch green plastic covered weldmesh, small enough to stop anything hopping in and strong enough to stop Mr Fox, or any other predator, from breaking in. These chicken runs have been designed so that once everything is screwed together and all the braces are in place, it is a sturdy and rigid unit to survive the harshest of conditions.

Large Chickens Runs
The FSF Shop Display Poultry Protection Pen
Having a pen built like this, means you can let your girls out in the daytime with peace of mind, knowing that they are safe and secure from any of the dangers that lurk beyond the garden hedge. Also, if you work during the day and are particularly proud of your garden, you know that your girls can stretch their wings, whilst your herbaceous border remains in tact. To help keep danger away, the addition of a No Dig Skirt, to stop foxes and other predators tunneling in really makes the Protection Pen a poultry haven. Or, if you are setting up a permanent base of operations, getting the additional corresponding Sleeper and Woodchip pack, not only lifts the walk-in run up on a stately plinth (increasing the strength of the unit again) but creates a solid barrier to keep pesky predators out.

Large Poultry Pens
Operations Manager Rich adding a Mating Panel onto a Protection Pen
Finally, to maximise the space inside your chicken run, there is the option of adding a mating panel. This allows your hen house to go on the outside of the pen, then connected by a joining tunnel, which gives the whole of the space left inside for some poultry perambulation. Equally, the addition of a polycarbonate roofing for your Protection Pen can help keep the worst of the elements off. The Flyte so Fancy Blog has looked in-depth at at the many advantages of polycarbonate roofing previously, and you can read that particular blog entry, Poultry Protection Pen Roofs, HERE.

The Flyte so Fancy Poultry Protection Pen is a secure way to keep your hens safe, while you are out at work or throughout the day. These fox proof pens are one of our top sellers here at FSF HQ and while I still haven't got around to re-doing the instructions with yours truly (I've had a haircut specially for the occasion) these simple to build, sturdy and unobtrusive chicken runs will keep your girls protected and secure.

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