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The Best Selling Poultry Feeders

After last weeks blog about the best selling poultry drinkers here at Flyte so Fancy, we thought we'd follow it up with the other necessary for chicken keeping and have a look at the best selling poultry feeders.

If there is one thing that chickens like doing it is stuffing their beaks (well the Flyte so Fancy flock do at least) so making sure that you; have a hard wearing, durable feeder that isn't going to get knocked over, filled with rubbish or let them throw food everywhere, is important.
  • BEC Wise Feeder
FSF HQ has stocked the Wise Feeder for a couple of years now and are still impressed by its really clever and well thoughtout design. With a rain shield to protect the feed, a large lip on the front to keep the feed in, dividers to stop hens throwing the food out and a changeable feed flow control plate; everything about this feeder has been designed to avoid waste and prevent vermin accessing your feed. 
Anti-Vermin Poultry Feeder
5kg Cage Mounted Wise Feeder
Available in either a 5kg cage mounted option or as a 10kg bracket mounted feeder, these really are popular with both back garden chicken keepers and larger flocks too. The ability to add extension cartridges means you can increase the feeders capacity by increments of 5kg, to hold more feed. The dimensions of the wise feeder are 12 inches by 5.5 inches by 7 inches. 
  • 6kg Blenheim Feeder
The Blenheim Feeder is a brilliant heavy duty plastic feeder made in the UK, designed to hold 6kg of layers pellets. With its set of stable legs to lift it up off the ground, to avoid feed contamination,  it also comes with an anti-flick ring to avoid food wastage and an anti-perch lid to stop hens sitting on top and ruining the feed. 

Flyte so Fancy Poultry Supplies
6kg Blenheim Feeder on a Feeder Stand
This brilliant feeder also comes as an outdoor option, with a large lift off rain hat that sits nicely over the feeder to keep your feed out of the weather. These feeders are great for the smaller flock owner of 12 chickens and provide a real high quality sturdy feeder for your chickens. Standing at 15 inches high and 14.5 inches in diatmetre this is a sensible sized feeder for chicken runs. We often use these for the hens that live in the houses of the Flyte so Fancy shop display area and find them absolutely ideal.
  • Treadle Feeders 10kg & 20kg
An improved new design in the last few months has seen these already spectacular and very popular treadle feeders get even better. Suitable for chickens, ducks and turkeys, the treadle feeder is a great all weather outside feeder, which prevents both vermin and wild birds getting at your feed as they are not heavy enough to trigger the treadle mechanism.

Anti-Vermin Feeders for Chickens
10kg Treadle Feeder
The new design features tough plastic components for the treadle, the hinged hopper lid and the feed trough. Much quieter in operation, you can also alter the weight at which the treadle activates. The trough also has an anti-flick grid to prevent wastage. The treadle feeder stands at 22 inches high by 14 inches wide and 20 inches deep. This is a large feeder.

A large feeder, it is ideal for the owner of a small flock of chickens for putting their feed in and not having to worry about topping it up every other day, just as it is perfect for those with a large flock of birds in a wide paddock. You should allow around 200g of pellets per bird per day and so these feeders are ideal for keeping your feed secure and dry. The trough measures in at 14 inches wide and so allows several hens to feed at once.  We have several of these feeders set up here in the FSF poultry paddock.  
  • Galvanised Feeders
Galvanised chicken feeders are continually popular with people looking for a heavy duty sturdy feeder that is going to last them years and years. With an adjustable height tube for changing how quickly the feed is dispensed and a large locking raincover lid that also has a handle. 

Metal Heavy Duty Feeder for Chickens
Galvanised Poultry Feeders
The 2.5kg feeder is incredibly popular and very well suited for small flocks of up to 10 birds, whilst the larger 7kg feeder offers a larger option for more birds. The 2.5kg Galvanised feeder is a very popular feeder, measuring ten and half inches high with a feed pan diametre of ten and a quatre inches providing plenty of room for multiple birds, which despite the initial cost will last for many many years. 
  • Covered Anti-Perch Feed Trough
The green plastic feed trough is a strong plastic trough, with a really well thought out and clever design. It is suitable for all kinds of poultry and is especially good for ducks as it prevents their feed being spoiled by rain. 

Poultry Feeder Trough
Anti-Perch Trough
24 inches long and standing 6 inches high, the clip on lid prevents birds perching on top of your feed trough, while the large feed access holes on the side make feeding easy. Internally the trough is split in two, so you can fill one side with grit or water and the other with feed

The anti-perch feed trough is perfect for hens that still prefer mash as opposed to pellets, great for feeding younger birds crumb or growers pellets or with ex-bat hens with smallholder layers crumble and proves a popular feeder among keepers of both chickens and ducks. 

Chickens Feeders
Chicken Lunch Time
Again this is merely a small selection of the many feeders that we stock here at FSF HQ, from trough to hanging feeder or galvanised to plastic. If you have a question about one of these feeders or would like to know which might be best for your flock and garden, why not leave a comment or give us a call on 01300 345229. Equally watch Boss Phill talking through the various feeders available in our guide to poultry feeders here on our Youtube channel.

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