Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Chickens, Winter and A Guy With A Camera

Today saw Dorset's second covering of rather unimpressive snow. Sure there is a smattering here and a smattering there. The bird bath was frozen over and needed the ice breaking, but I'm certainly not going to be making any snow-chickens anytime soon.

That being said, Blimey Charlie it's cold outside.

Armed with my hat, my trusty camera and a stylish yet practical pair of shoes on my feet, I headed down to the Flyte so Fancy Chicken Paddock to get some snaps of our lovely flock of chickens (including a handsome new addition), ducks, geese and guinea fowl on a cold and frosty Dorset morning.

Duck Housing for Waterfowl
FSF Ducks Enjoying a Morning Dip
The Flyte so Fancy Duck pond has slowly but surely been freezing over, but the FSF ducks still have plenty of room to dip their bills.

Winter in the FSF Field
White Guinea Fowl by the Pond
Chickens in Winter
A Few of the FSF Flock
Flyte so Fancy

A new addition to the FSF Flock, we found him one morning with the rest of the chickens. A beautiful looking bird, he is still a bit shy, but was kind enough to pose for a moment.

Housing for Chickens
Pearl Grey & Lavender Guinea Fowl
It might be cold, but our chickens and guinea fowl were in fine form this morning, happily strolling around the paddock, the guinea fowl were in particular good voice considering the cold. We didn't leave our lovely White Guinea Fowl out in the snow last night, she is always that lovely pure white colour.

Flyte so Fancy Duck and Goose Housing
Floating Duck Lodge Caught in Ice
Finally, our Flyte so Fancy ducks didn't seem to mind the walk from their floating Duck Lodge to the pond. They seemed quite happy walking back and forth, while my stylish (yet practical) shoes, soon had my toes like icicles, so I headed back to the office and a warm cup of tea.

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