Wednesday, 15 April 2015

A Month at Flyte So Fancy

Let me first of all apologise that it has been a month since the Flyte so Fancy Chicken Blog sat down to write about the goings on here at FSF HQ, tell you of new innovative products or try to give advise regarding the everyday concerns of chicken keepers.

You see, what happened was every time I sat down something came along to distract me. I hid in the poultry feed store for privacy. I took my laptop down to the chicken field in an attempt at peace. I even hid under the shop counter in an attempt to blog about my favourite items in the shop. All failed.

However, I suddenly find myself free from the avalanche of paper work that was on my desk, the sun shining and a general feeling of the dolce vita settling over the surrounding hills of Dorset. It has been a busy month here a Flyte so Fancy.

Hatching and Rearing Chicks
FSF Chicks Hatched in 2014
Firstly with Easter on the way there was a spectacular deal on 5kg Wise Feeders in our Easter Extravaganza Email. This brilliant little poultry feeder is a great way to cut down on feed waste from hens who like to throw their feed about and also due to it being able to be mounted at chicken head height, it also stops vermin being attracted to your girls food.

Then there was the launching of our 2015 Catalogue in March. I have been sealing envelopes and licking stamps ever since due to the popularity of our little book of everything you need for happy hens and if you want to request yours follow the link HERE.

Equally exciting was the hatching of our first chick of the year. I absolutely love this time of year and with several broody hens all sitting on Gold Laced Hamburg eggs (the bosses favourite) we're hoping it wont be long till we are ankle deep in cute chicks.

It is with sad news that I have to end this weeks blog, during a recent power cut as dusk was setting in and just before we normally head down to shut our hens up for the night, a fox managed to slip through our temporarily de-electrified net and wreak havoc in our chicken field. It is with sadness that I have to report that our beloved rooster Sergeant Speckles was a victim of Mr Fox.

Anti-Fox Electric Fencing
Sergeant Speckles
With the power restored and our electric fence now working at full capacity, we have conducted a full system check of the whole fence, and gone over it with a fine tooth comb to check that when the fox broke through the de-powered net, he didn't cause more permanent damage.

If you have an electric fence make sure that over grown grass or vegetation is not in contact with the net. This will drain the power right out of your net and leave it weak and ineffectual against predators. Finally make sure that there is no way a fox can jump over the top of your net. Foxes are great climbers, so if they can climb up on top of a bin for example and then jump over your net, they will.

Our hens are once again safe. A sad and unfortunate incident and some thing to bear in mind if your electric fence runs off the mains power supply.

As always here at Flyte so Fancy we are happy to talk about all things chickens so if you have a question for us why not email on or call a member of our team on 01300 345229.

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  1. Super post and gorgeous chicks sorry about Sergeant Speckles, dam those foxes, suffice to say with a love of chickens they are not my favourite creatures :(