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Flyte so Fancy Duck Housing

If you have been reading this Blog for a while now, you will know of my great affection for the ducks that live on and around the pond, down in the poultry paddock. The Cayuga's that we hatched from chicks, our old fat Saxony drake that waddles around and the wild ducks that live on the pond, are all among my favourites.

Our ducks tend to sleep where they want. Some enjoy joining the chickens inside their hen houses, while others will head out to the floating Duck Lodge for an evenings kip. During high summer, they have been known to just settle down on the edge of the pond.

Here at Flyte so Fancy we manufacture lots of different duck and goose houses, ideal for any garden, but in this blog I thought I would focus on three different duck houses designed for three very different situations.

Puddleduck Duck House

Flyte so Fancy Duck & Goose Housing
Puddleduck Duck House
Offered in two different sizes, these compact duck houses are perfect for those looking to house a pair of ducks (or a small flock of four in the larger size) in their back garden. Ideal for breeds like Call Ducks, Mallards in the small size, and a pair of Aylesburys or Indian Runners in the larger, the Puddleduck Duck House allows anyone to keep a few "quackers" in the garden.

It has ventilation holes in the back of the house and a side opening roof for easy access and cleaning, helping keep the house hygienic for your ducks. The ramp entry also acts as a secure door, with a secure bolt closing, with the house having a good sized doorway for ducks to fit through.

The Puddleduck Duck House is the perfect little home for those looking to keep a couple of ducks in their back garden.

Stroller Duck House
Flyte so Fancy Blog - Ducks
Mobile Stroller Duck House

Ducks like to be clean, and enjoy preening their feathers as much as the next bird, unfortunately the ground around their house doesn't always get the same attention and the addition of duck plus ground and add water soon equals mud.

The Stroller Duck House has been designed as a movable coop, lifted like a wheelbarrow on its built in wheels and then wheeled to fresh pasture, whenever the ground gets too muddy. Well ventilated and with a removable roof panel for both egg collecting and cleaning, the duck stroller is a happy home for up to six ducks. It's large access door means no one will have to take their hat off upon walking through the door way.

The Stroller Duck House is designed for those of you that have a large paddock or garden and are looking for a movable house to avoid you and your web-footed friends wading through half a foot of mud.

The Floating Duck Lodge
Flyte so Fancy Duck and Goose Housing
Floating Duck Lodge

Designed for those of us lucky enough to have a big pond, the Floating Duck Lodge is a floating island home for your ducks, with room for up to six pairs of nesting ducks.

The timber float is packed with polystyrene and floats perfectly to allow your ducks easy stepping in and out of the water. It also provides a large veranda for them to while away the days, sitting in the sunshine and quacking, by their waterside apartment.

The house itself comes with a removable roof, allowing for top-down access into the house when it comes to cleaning. Six individual nest ares, provide space for up to six pairs of nesting ducks, Our Cayuga crosses sleep in the floating Duck Lodge almost exclusively, they love it. There is even one of these floating in London Dockyards by the Hilton Hotel.

These different duck houses are just a selection of the duck and goose housing we make here at Flyte so Fancy, from the small to the very large. If you have any questions about our duck and goose housing leave a comment below; or phone 01300 345229 to talk to a member of the FSF team.

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