Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Hobby Hen House

Its been a busy week here at Flyte so Fancy's little patch of Dorset idyll. The sunshine and warmer weather has seen the return of the aerial acrobatic swallows, a new bird house raised in the FSF garden for our wild bird friends and a fresh batch of Hobby Hen Houses come out of the workshop.

Long Legged Timber Hen Houses
Long Legged Hobby Hen Houses
With it's design reminiscent of classic chicken arks, the Hobby Hen House is a popular option for those with a smaller flock or for people just starting out in chicken keeping. Housing up to six medium-sized laying hens (or four larger birds), the Hobby Hen House contains removable perches and nestboxes.

The Long-Legged option for the Hobby not only provides a sheltered spot from rain or sun underneath the house, but also makes cleaning a whole lot easier. The fully removable back door panel means getting into the hen house, for scrubbing out hard to reach corners or collecting your daily egg, is a quick and simple task. Coming with in-built handles, when the time comes, two people can lift the hen house to a fresh patch of grass or pastures new.

If you are looking for a more permanent set up for your hens new home, the Hobby Hen House can arrive with either a 6ft or 9ft run, creating a safe haven for your girls to scratch and cluck about in during the day. Made from inch by half-inch plastic coated galvanised weldmesh, the secure hobby runs will keep out Mr Fox whilst giving you peace of mind (the addition of a No Dig Skirt will create a truly impenetrable fortress).

Flyte So Fancy Poultry Housing
Long Legged Hobby Hen House with 6ft Run
Automatic Door Compatible, saving you early mornings letting them out and standing in the rain in the dark trying to shoo your hens back in at night, the Hobby Hen House has all the practical features chicken keepers are looking for when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, as well as being a real centrepiece for your garden.

Constructed from tanalised Swedish Redwood, that helps protect it from fungus and rot for up to fifteen years, the Hobby Hen House is built on a frame and arrives to you ready assembled, so all you need to do is lift it into place and let your chickens settle into their new home.

If you have any questions about the Hobby Hen House (or any of other chicken coops)_leave a comment below, or call us on 01300 345229 to speak to a member of the FSF Team.

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