Friday, 22 July 2016

The NEW Flyte so Fancy Catalogue is HERE!

 As always I've drawn the short straw. Upon opening the box of our new catalogues, it has fallen to me to get them sorted and in their envelopes ready for the postman on Monday. I'm just glad they don't make stamps from gum paper anymore.

Once again our Catalouge features all of Flyte so Fancy's signature Hen Houses, as well as its Duck and Goose Housing. From the popular Maggie's Hen House range, through to the stately Floating Duck Lodge, there is a house here for all and any garden.

Hen Houses Made in UK
Flyte so Fancy Catalogue
Also getting their own pages are Framebow Animal Housing (who joined the FSF workshop this year) with their stupendous curved timber structures and Dorset Log Stores, providing elegant timber stores for your garden.

Jam packed with all the essential, necessary and can't live without poultry products, as well as more treats and goodies than one chicken could ever hope to eat, the Flyte so Fancy catalogue contains everything you need for happy and healthy hens.

To request your FREE copy of the Catalogue CLICK HERE now. 

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