Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Egg Boxes from Flyte so Fancy

This morning I was "volunteered", as I always seem to be, to go down to the chicken paddock and the other pens we have here at FSF HQ, on the morning egg collection. Grumbling, mumbling and generally bumbling, I pulled my boots on, put an extra two or three layers on and went out into the morning cold. Finding myself in tow to resident chicken whisperer Rob, our first port of call were the Gold Laced Sebright's in their Aviary 8 Hen House, past the family of Silver Spangled Hamburgs who live in the Maggie's 6 and Protection Pen right outside our shop front door (who considering the early hour of the morning hadn't bothered to get up yet) and down to the chicken paddock. While the various flocks of hens, ducks and geese enthusiastically thronged around Rob, well known as the supplier of breakfast, I was left to egg collecting duties.

Flyte so Fancy Aviary 8 Chicken Coop

Spring must be in the air, because the sheer volume of eggs we brought back from this one trip will be keeping us in omelettes for a week. With shades from light bluish hues to deep ochre browns, the pile of eggs accumulated higher and higher. While everyone here at FSF HQ is quite happy with eating omelettes five times a day until the end of the summer, when your chickens start laying a prodigious amount of eggs you might find yourself looking to sell the excess by your front gate, give some as presents, or perhaps you might know someone in dire need of some egg boxes themselves to house their supply.

Flyte so Fancy Egg BoxesAt Flyte so Fancy we have a huge and varied range of egg boxes, from Quail Egg Boxes for the small bird enthusiast, egg boxes designed to hold an egg a day and egg boxes every colour of the rainbow (well very nearly). From Small Packs of 30 Egg Boxes and Four-Egg Egg Boxes, perfect for the back garden poultry keeper with a few eggs going spare, right the way up to packs of 300 Economy Grey Egg Boxes (perfect for people with over zealous hens) there is an egg box solution for everyone.

My personal favourite, and the ones which I think really highlight the extraordinary colours, shades and hues of eggs are the Coloured Fibre Egg Boxes, in particular, the Yellow Egg Boxes and our most popular Pink Egg Boxes. Both the Yellow Fibre Egg Boxes and the Pink Fibre Egg Boxes are perfectly eye catching and guaranteed to be noticed. Made of strong quality fibre, these egg boxes are ideal for your eggs, but we also have customers who use them for selling bath bombs (in Harrod's no less), chocolates and perhaps most strangely, socks.

Flyte so Fancy Egg Boxes
Of course the ultimate way to really make your eggs stand out in the crowd is to add some of our exclusive Egg Box Labels, available in either white or clotted cream. Simply choose the design, style and text that you want, stick to the top of your egg box and watch them fly off the shelves quicker than hot cakes.

Loading up the wheelbarrow with my yolk filled treasure and leaving Rob behind with his cohort of chickens, I returned to the comforting embrace of my office chair and a cup of coffee. Sitting and staring out of the window for a few minutes at the chickens, ducks and geese as they trailed Rob around the field, I was "volunteered" again to wash the huge mound of eggs I had collected (see our previous Blog about Egg Washing) as I "seemed to have quite enough time for daydreaming".

I told you I always get "volunteered".

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