Monday, 3 March 2014

Tweeting (but not the sort you're thinking of)

Whilst arguably my years as a "twenty-something" are slowly but inexorably running out, the wireless dial in my car has never strayed far from Radio4 since they started. About a year ago David Attenborough took to tweeting. Now before you rush to Twitter to follow the great man, this was part of Radio 4's Tweet of the Day, two minutes every day highlighting one of Great Britain's resident garden birds, their song and David Attenborough telling you why this particular bird is so fascinating. Perfect listening for a morning drive to work.

Garden Birds at Flyte so Fancy
Gardman Cottage Green Nest Box 
When it comes to attracting birds to your garden what they're looking for is a tiny bird barracks. A warm and cosy cubby hole for them to build a nest in. As you would expect locating a wild bird nest box in the correct place is important. Bird boxes for Sparrows and Tits for example should be placed a few metres off the ground, facing somewhere between north and east on a compass, ideally it will also be a sheltered spot. The size of the hole in the nest box is important too, different sized apertures in the front of the bird box will result in which bird takes up residence. Bird boxes should also always be situated somewhere where the bird will have a clear flight path in.

New nest boxes are often best put up in autumn, many birds use them over autumn and winter as a place to eat or roost, then the following spring birds will take up residence ready to use them as a nest for raising their chicks. We have some wonderful new small bird boxes from Gardman, perfect for both countryside and urban gardens, ranging from the practical nest box with the option of three different sized apertures to choose from, to the dreamy and idyllic little beach huts.

On the other hand swallows and house martins require a different sort of nestbox all together. If, unlike us here at Flyte so Fancy, you are not lucky enough to have a whole barn for them to nest in (and the despatch team do love them zipping around their heads during the summer) then well situated nest boxes around the gables of houses and under eves will help entice them to nest in your garden. Modern houses tend to have these areas closed off, so having a few of these nest boxes set up, certainly helps provide them with a much needed place to nest for raising nest years brood of chicks.

Garden Birds at FSF HQ
FSF Resident Sparrows
Having your own little cadre of garden birds zipping around the garden is always enjoyable to behold and they soon become as much a part of the family and as easily recognisable as your chickens. I also whole heatedly recommend having a listen to Radio4's "Tweet of the Day", it doesn't get much better than David Attenborough talking about the birds you can see in your garden.

Follow our blog all this week for tips and information about our native garden birds.

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