Wednesday, 12 March 2014

The Flyte so Fancy 2014 Catalogue - Part Deux!

On Monday 10th March the sun shone down on Flyte so Fancy's little corner of rustic idyll with a lazy abandon. The chickens in the field rejoiced at no longer having to hitch their petticoats to get past the muddy puddles while the ducks looked mortified and did everything they could to keep the puddles muddy. Inbetween the sawdust clouds billowing from the workshop and the despatch department busily packing the vast quantity of orders to go out that day, I resolutely sat out in front of our barn shop and waited for the Flyte so Fancy 2014 Catalogue to be delivered.
FSF Team reading the chicken compendium
The FSF Despatch Team read the 2014 Catalogue

At around 10:15 we had a delivery. The excitement was palpable. After it turned out to be our latest delivery of woodchip, it was "suggested" by Richard, the Operations Manager, that I should "go back to my office".

All day long deliveries and collections passed through the Flyte so Fancy gate, till at 3:14 exactly, the catalogue arrived.

The Free Flyte so Fancy 2014 Catalogue is bigger than ever, with 88 pages of gorgeous poultry housing, the essential supplies needed for chicken keeping, feeds and treats and great gifts for all of you poultry-passionate people.

Compiled meticulously and with the greatest care (i.e all my incorrect uses of there and their have been changed) and filled with beautiful photos and useful information, the new 2014 Catalogue has everything that you need for the coming years chicken keeping behind it's front cover. An absolute must-read for poultry lovers everywhere.

You can order your free copy of our catalogue through the website here or give us a ring on 01300 345229 and we will get one out in the post for you as quickly as we can.

Flyte so Fancy Poultry Supplies
Only 500 More to go Today...
Unfortunately for me, as I spent two and half hours sat out the front of the shop "sunning myself" I have been given the job of licking and affixing every single stamp to the envelopes. I'm not even sure that you have to lick stamps anymore...

Thanks for Reading

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