Monday, 21 May 2012

Calling all Chicken lovers!

Something very special indeed will be exhibited at the world famous RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show starting on July 3rd. For those of you who can’t wait that long however for a Royal reveal, let me give you a sneak preview…
The Granary is the very latest edition to the Flyte so Fancy range and there have already been some lovely comments made about it. Your Chickens Magazine described The Granary as “Stunning, stylish and beautifully designed “ and “the ideal marriage between the aesthetic and the perfectly practical”. Phillip worked very hard to imbue The Granary with that ‘Flyte so Fancy touch’, so we’re absolutely thrilled with the comments and hope you will like the new Granary too!
Resting majestically on rustically reconstituted staddle stones, The Granary is available with either a tiled or timber roof finished with authentic bargeboards and crowned with charmingly-crafted finials. Now also available in a range of optional hand-painted colour schemes, the Granary Range will accommodate anything from six to twenty four lucky hens, depending on the model.
The special garden display at Hampton Court will be a mixture of formal and rustic settings created by our friends at New Barn Timber.  Rebecca and Marvin have won multiple medals for their previous work at the Hampton Court Show so you can be sure that both The Granary and The Gypsy will be set off to perfection.

Now for a few updates from FSF HQ itself. Our very own goslings...

and Lady Blue who has taken them firmly under her wing to show them the feathery ways of the world. More on these little beauties as they find their wings...
and of course love is in the air on the farm next door, summer lovin' and all that!

Thats all for now folks, but keep an eye out for more deals and delights for your feathery pals coming soon!

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Kitty Cat

As we repeatedly inform George, our teenage boy with an eye for computer games and only computer games, everybody needs some fresh air during the sunny days to come! 

Of course, bringing the outside to your cooped-up kittys is not always an easy option...

Everyone knows when it comes to your friendly felines there is only one king of the castle, and these houses for some castles!

The Outdoor Cat House and Play Pen is a brilliant way to give your cat all the benefits of the outdoors, without the worry of them getting hurt in the outside world and, the Cottage Outdoor Cat House is the most stylish luxury living for your favourite felines.

Or, if you're just looking to accessorize ...

We are sure your pet would love to rest their paws on this fabulous faux fur bed from Tramps, or with a Teepee cat bed it provides not only warmth but some entertainment value too.

For more of our fantastic array of feline fashion visit the Cats and Dogs section of the website at

Hope we'll see you soon!

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Hampton Court Show

Hello All

As promised, a sneak preview of the wonderful work Andy has been doing on the Gypsy Daydream Henhouse for this year's RHS Hampton Court Palace Show...

So what do you think Hen-lovers? With all this bling, how would your feathery friends like this shiny crib?

We had a lovely mention this week thanks to Ruth at the Country Living blog. Keep up to date with them at

Annie's been clearing out the attic again, and look what she found...

For all of these, and more great offers, come and take a look in the attic ...

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Hello and Welcome

Hello and Welcome to the brand new Flyte So Fancy blog, where you can hear all about your favourite suppliers of everything poultry, from products to recipies and lots of hints and tips to help with your feathery pals.

Andy, our Signwriter and Artist, has been applying his art to the gold leaf work on the special Hampton Court Gypsy Daydream House today, keep an eye out tomorrow for a sneak preview...

Getting everything ready for the RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show (3rd to the 8th of July) is no walk in the park, but all of us here at Flyte So Fancy are very excited, we hope you are too! Please come along, if you can, and see our Gypsy, Granary and Maggie's Henhouses in our stunning show garden.