Friday, 20 February 2015

Flyte so Fancy Build The Largest Pop-Hole Door Ever

Recently, upon being asked, the hard working chaps in the workshop set to and built for the shop an absolutely gorgeous Welsh Dresser that is now in place and looking marvellous (see our previous Blog entry to read all about this talented bunch of Dorset craftsmen).

However, never content to rest ankle deep in sawdust, the workshop, under the aegis of Boss Phill started their final project for our shop, well for the time being anyhow. You see the front of our shop had some lovely large doors, but when they were open it was incredibly cold in the shop. There are only so many layers and hats I can wear before it becomes impossible to lift even the smallest of poultry feeders off the shelf.

So, the workshop decided to build a doorway and as the Flyte so Fancy workshop don't do things by half, as you would expect it looks fantastic. Built from the same Scandinavian Redwood that all of our poultry houses are made from, below are some photos of the door being installed into the shop.

Scandinavian Red Wood Timber
The Door Being Made in the Workshop
Chicken Coops
The Troops Gather to Hear the Plan
Timber Hen House
The Door Frame is Up and Moving
Poultry Housing
Incredibly Heavy It Took 7 Of The Team To Move It
Flyte so Fancy Shop in Dorset
The Door Goes into the Shop
Poultry Housing in Dorset
Then it is Lifted into Place
Flyte so Fancy Ltd
Bit of Shifting Here...
Timber Poultry Houses Display
Bit of Shifting There...
Wood Chicken Coops
A Final Adjustment
Wooden Hen Houses
And the Door Frame Fits!
The same care and attention that goes into making all of our hen houses, and upon which are reputation is founded, also went into the making of this door frame. Millimeter precision, the best quality materials and the desire to do a job properly the first time around, mean that the shop on cold and windy days is a lot more hospitable.

Timber House for Chickens
Finally the Glazier Fitted the Glass
Why not come visit our shop to see our range of poultry supplies and chicken treats, the Flyte so Fancy Shop is open;

Monday - Friday 9:00 - 17;00
Saturdays 9:00 - 16:00

Sundays we spend looking after our own chickens. Look forward to seeing you soon.

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Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Garvo Poultry Feeds for Chickens

The flock of chickens, ducks, guinea fowl and geese that live here in the chicken field at Flyte So Fancy HQ are almost too numerous for me to remember all their names. When you take into account the Silver and Gold Hamburgs, as well as the Gold Laced Sebrights that live in the houses of the FSF display area, I'm surprised I can remember my own name.
Timber Poultry Housing from Flyte so Fancy
Some members of the FSF Flock
This army of poultry and waterfowl takes some feeding too, with hungry beaks regularly swamping me in the mornings after I let the hens out. Here at FSF HQ we have plenty of feed for this ravenous rabble, but nothing disappears faster from the feeders than Garvo Poultry Feeds.

Garvo are a Dutch poultry feed manufacturer who produce high quality GM feeds for chickens keepers, both large and small scale, and this high quality really shows through in the Garvo feeds available from Flyte so Fancy.

Garvo Alfamix for Chickens
Alfamix Chickens

A complete feed for chickens, consisting of seeds, amphipods, vegetables and grit, Alfamix for chickens really has everything you need for a delicious egg from a healthy chicken. You can scatter the feed in the run or place it in a feeder, however you may want to limit the amount available to avoid selective eating by your birds, the chances are it won't be around for long though.

Garvo Alfamix contains amphipods, sea creatures, and as such does NOT fall under the EU Regulations on mealworms etc being sold as FOR chickens. Due to this we can sing its praises as the tip-top feed that it is for chickens. Chickens are omnivores, so the mix of vegetables and shrimp as well as the pellets and seeds provides an all round complete feed, balanced to keep your hens perfectly healthy.

Garvo Layers Pellets
Layers Pellets

Garvo Layers Pellets
is a top quality all around layers pellets absolutely crammed with vitamins and nutrients. Containing 14.9% proteins, as an everyday feed for your flock, it is difficult to find something as beneficial for your birds as this feed.

Coming in either a 5kg or 20kg sack, this GM feed will provide your flock with the basis of everything they need to keep healthy, and you will be surprised how quickly they wolf it down.

Garvo Mixed Corn

Bursting with only the best wheat pigeon (28%) cracked maize (28%) and barley pigeon (21%) as well as much more, Garvo Mixed Corn is the ideal treat for your hens in the late afternoon, once they have had their daily ration of layers pellets.

Mixed Corn
During the cold weather of winter, it helps to give them a feed just before they roost at night to give them a boost of warmth overnight. Using only the best ingredients for making their mixed corn, I have seen the FSF hens preoccupied for a good hour hunting out every last scrap that I have scattered on the floor.

Making sure that your hens are getting a feed this is both nutritious and delicious is a concern for all poultry keepers, if you have any questions about the best feed for your girls, why not leave a comment below or call a member of the FSF Team on 01300 345229.

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Friday, 6 February 2015

Flyte so Fancy - Dorset Master Craftsmen

Our shop here at Flyte so Fancy has recently gone through a bit of a renovation. Now bigger, there is more room for everything "chicken". Shelf upon shelf of magic tonics, yummy treats, feeders, drinkers and anything else you can think of.

With a little log burner installed and everything given a lick of paint, the shop was looking spic-n-span. However, we were missing a couple of shelves on which to display some of mugs and chicken gifts, from our sister website I Like Chickens.

As always in times of need, the workshop foreman and his team set-to, under the parameters "can we have a few shelves please?". So, the workshop rolled up their sleeves, got out their tape measures and graph paper and started work.

We like to think here at Flyte so Fancy that our reputation is built upon the quality, strength and durability of our hen houses. the result of my request for "a few shelves" can be seen below and the quality and workmanship that went into building my shelves, is the same as goes into every single hen house here at Flyte so Fancy.

Flyte so Fancy
The Base of the Shelves
Timber Poultry Housing
The Top of the Shelves
I will admit even at this stage of the building I was sceptical as to what the workshop had in mind. My idea of a shelf is a horizontal piece of wood, that doesn't fall down.

Shelves for the FSF Shop
Careful Hand Painting by John from the Workshop
Flyte so Fancy Workshop
A Careful Hand Sand of any Rough Edges
A sanding and a careful coating of paint was then applied, to what is surely the fanciest shelves ever made from a simple request.

Chicken Supplies from Flyte so Fancy
Lifted into Place in the FSF Shop
I Like Chickens
Time to Fill the Shelves
Put in place and with the shelves being filled up with some of our finest chicken bits and bobs I have to admit, our workshop team certainly know what they are doing. Master craftsmen indeed.

Do not fear though, Flyte so Fancy focus has swiftly returned to continuing making our top quality timber poultry houses and we are NOT moving into the business of making shelves. I'm just off to make the Master Craftsman a cup of tea as a well done.

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Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Chickens, Winter and A Guy With A Camera

Today saw Dorset's second covering of rather unimpressive snow. Sure there is a smattering here and a smattering there. The bird bath was frozen over and needed the ice breaking, but I'm certainly not going to be making any snow-chickens anytime soon.

That being said, Blimey Charlie it's cold outside.

Armed with my hat, my trusty camera and a stylish yet practical pair of shoes on my feet, I headed down to the Flyte so Fancy Chicken Paddock to get some snaps of our lovely flock of chickens (including a handsome new addition), ducks, geese and guinea fowl on a cold and frosty Dorset morning.

Duck Housing for Waterfowl
FSF Ducks Enjoying a Morning Dip
The Flyte so Fancy Duck pond has slowly but surely been freezing over, but the FSF ducks still have plenty of room to dip their bills.

Winter in the FSF Field
White Guinea Fowl by the Pond
Chickens in Winter
A Few of the FSF Flock
Flyte so Fancy

A new addition to the FSF Flock, we found him one morning with the rest of the chickens. A beautiful looking bird, he is still a bit shy, but was kind enough to pose for a moment.

Housing for Chickens
Pearl Grey & Lavender Guinea Fowl
It might be cold, but our chickens and guinea fowl were in fine form this morning, happily strolling around the paddock, the guinea fowl were in particular good voice considering the cold. We didn't leave our lovely White Guinea Fowl out in the snow last night, she is always that lovely pure white colour.

Flyte so Fancy Duck and Goose Housing
Floating Duck Lodge Caught in Ice
Finally, our Flyte so Fancy ducks didn't seem to mind the walk from their floating Duck Lodge to the pond. They seemed quite happy walking back and forth, while my stylish (yet practical) shoes, soon had my toes like icicles, so I headed back to the office and a warm cup of tea.

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