Monday, 24 August 2015

The Annie's Coop

Not all of us have acres of space, a paddock or even a field for our hens to cavort, promenade or scratch around. Some of us, myself included only have our back garden for our chickens to stretch their feathers in and when that is the case you need a small practical coop that isn't going to take up too much room while still providing space enough to swing a cat, should your chickens want too.

Flylte so Fancy Chicken Coops
The Annie's Chicken Coop
A small flock of three hens can still provide plenty of garden entertainment and pleasure as pets as well as enough eggs to keep the cupboard well stocked for breakfast soldiers, lunchtime omelettes and dinnertime quiche. With a small flock you only need a small coop and after many requests for a small coop for the back garden chicken keeper the Boss Phill designed the Annie's Coop,  which has proved popular with hen keepers with an economy of space year after year.

With raised maisonette living for three medium sized birds, the inside of the coop has both removable perches and a separate nest box with privacy wall, to provide luxuriant living. The staircase leading up to the living quarters also doubles up as the door, so when the door is up, your girls are safe and sound for the evening.

Underneath the house is a sheltered area for your hens to take refuge from the rain or sunshine. it makes an equally good spot for feeders and drinkers, keeping them safe from the elements. Access into the coop is through a large hinged door at the back, which when it comes to the weekly clean, allows you to get right into the coop and clean it out.

Should you wish at a later date to keep your girls a little more enclosed and not give them free reign of the garden flowerbeds, then an additional run to the front of the coop is just the ticket. Coming in either a 6ft or 9ft long option, the runs fit snugly onto the front of the coop. Made from 19 gauge inch by half inch European weldmesh on solid timber framing, the runs are both strong and secure and will prevent foxes, badgers and any other predators from breaking in to your girls.

A small chicken coop like this allows more and more of us to have a few hens strolling around the garden and its compact, cleverly designed nature means it is ideal for the urban garden or cottage garden alike.

Residents of the Flyte so Fancy Poultry Paddock
Small Flock of Silver Sangled Hamburgs
Made from Scandinavian Redwood (that has been pressure treated with Tanalith-E to put it good against fungus and rot for up to fifteen years) of joinery grade quality, the hen house will last in your garden for many years. Equally the ramp / door is produced from high quality plywood, that is strong enough to take the daily climb to and from bed. The fixtures and fittings on the coop are made from galvanised metal of the highest quality and in conjunction with the high quality timber, make this a durable but charming little chicken coop.

If you have any questions about our smaller chicken coops, or one of our hen houses in general, why not leave a comment below or phone 01300 345229 to speak to a member of the Flyte So Fancy team.

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Saturday, 8 August 2015

The Chicken Jungle Gym

We're all on a bit of a health drive here at Flyte so Fancy HQ. Gone are the biscuits and cakes to be replaced with fruits, while lunchtimes now consist of fresh salads and home-made soups. I'm sure it wont be long before we start a company wide morning Tai Chi session, or a Wake-n-Shake warm up like they do at the local Primary School.

We aren't the only ones getting in shape however, with the FSF flock ready to drop the winter weight, stretch their tail feathers and get fit. Luckily the chickens in the field have several of our Flyte so Fancy Chicken Jungle Gyms set up to help with their new drive health drive.

The Chicken Jungle Gym is perfect for hens looking for entertainment, exercise or merely somewhere just to perch and pass the time. The Jungle Gym comes with everything a chicken needs, ramps and ladders for climbing with multi-level perches so a hen can have a rest after all the strenuous exercising.

The Jungle Gym also comes with hanging points for treats and feeders (perhaps somewhat defeating the point of all this exercise) to help keep your flock happy and feeling tip-top. Finally the little roof on top will keep the rain from your hens backs and the sun from their heads.

Made from our usual pressure treated timbers and incredibly sturdy to stand up to years of use by all manner of hens, the Flyte so Fancy flock absolutely love it and can often be seen climbing all over it. In fact if you visit the shop, you will regularly see our  Gold Hamburg cockerel sat on the roof of one in our display area, with his ladies perched around him.

The Chicken Jungle Gym is great for paddocks and also for Poultry Protection Pens, as it provides something for chickens to do, climbing, perching and exploring, everything a chicken loves to do. Plus with our current health kick (not sure how much longer that will last. Biscuits are calling to me) it helps to keep all members of the FSF Team looking trim and fit.

If you have any questions about our chicken perch and activity centres you can leave a question below or call us 01300 345229 to talk to a member of the Flyte so Fancy Team.

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