Friday, 8 April 2016

The Maggie's Hen House

Flyte so Fancy Timber Hen Housing
Maggie's 6 Hen House
Many years ago a local elderly lady asked Flyte so Fancy to build her a hen house for her small flock of hens. Taking to the request like a duck to water, the very first Maggie's Hen House was made, named for the lady who commissioned it.

Nearly a decade later the Maggie's Hen House remains our best seller and most popular chicken coop here at Flyte so Fancy. Combining a simple rural elegance with the modern features that practical poultry keepers want from their houses, the Maggie's Hen House is the ideal starter home for many.

Coming in three size options; The Maggie's Six, suitable for six hens for those just starting out, a twelve hen for those with an expanded family flock and finally a twenty four hen house option for people who's flock of hens seems ever growing. The Maggie's Six and Dozen hen houses also got a "raise" when an elderly lady finding it difficult to bend down to collect her freshly laid eggs, asked that her  hen house be put on longer legs. 24 inch legs saw the long-limbed versions of the hen houses born, making accessing the nest box, inside the coop and the weekly clean far, far simpler.

The Maggie's range of hen houses come with removal perches internally and an external nest box. With plenty of room to roost inside for your girls, the nest box provides room for several of your birds to lay at once (we once found 7 hens all cosy in the nest box of the Maggie's twenty four at the same time). The removable dirt tray in the bottom of each hen house makes cleaning easy-peasy. Added to that the great access that the chicken coop affords through its removable nest-box and large back door, mean that you can really get inside the coop to clean out those corners.

It is also possible to have a run for Maggie's Six and Dozen. Made from sturdy timbers and and solid inch by half-inch galvanised weldmesh with a plastic coating and, unless Mr Fox brings his wire cutters with him, the runs of the Maggie's hen houses will keep your flock safe. The addition of a No-Dig Skirt, preventing predators and vermin from burrowing in, provides a poultry palace to keep your hens safe from harm.

Flyte so Fancy Hen Houses
Maggie's Dozen Hen House with 9ft Run
All of the Maggie's Hen Houses are compatible with an automatic door, meaning early mornings letting the hens out are a thing of the past. These versatile units, working off lights sensors or timers are a fantastic bit of kit for any chicken coop, allowing poultry keepers to go out without having to worry about the safety of their hens.

With its rustic cottage charm and practical features the Maggie's Hen house remains our most popular chicken coop, among first-time hen keepers and established poultry flocks. If you have any questions about our hen houses, why not leave a question below or call us on 01300 345229 to talk to a member of our team.

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