Thursday, 5 December 2013

An Automatic Door for your Chicken Coop or Hen House

I have been engaged in a twenty seven year love affair with sleeping and bed. While I am able to drag myself from the warm, snug and comforting embrace of a tog 24 duvet with the minimum amount of fuss every week day, come the weekend and the all important Sunday morning lie in, getting up is difficult. Very difficult.

Which is why, as soon I was able, I attached a ChickenGuard Automatic Door to the front of my Maggie's Six Hen House. Now if like myself, you are also engaged in an affair with Morpheus, then an automatic pophole for your chicken coop is a must. The automatic door units work off ambient light to tell them when to rise in the morning and close in the evening.

As they work off of ambient light, it means that in the evening after a busy day terrorising their surroundings, your flock have plenty of time to get inside before the door closes. The aluminium doors are both light weight and sturdy, so are strong enough to keep any predator out while remaining streamlined. They are a tiny portcullis protecting your hens, like the castles of old.

VSB & Chickenguards from Flyte so Fancy
VSB & Chickenguard Door Openers
The VSB unit is a well established automatic pop hole unit. Working off ambient light to open and close itself, the addition of a light sensor cable, means that this great little unit and your pop hole door can be fitted internally to your chicken coop, meaning that the exterior aesthetic of your hen house isn't ruined. At Flyte so Fancy we take great pride in the rustic beauty of our hen houses, so we think is a nice feature.

The VSB Unit can also have a timer unit added to it, allowing for a greater control over your automatic door. By setting the time that your door opens and closes, it means you can make sure that on short winter days or long summer ones, your hens get the maximum amount of time out and about.

Automatic Chicken Doors
VSB on a Maggies 12
The ChickenGuard Unit, which I've fixed to my Maggie's Six Hen House, is a relatively new Automatic Door Opener. With amazing functionality, this little unit gives you an unprecedented level of control over your door opener

Coming in the standard model as a timer only control, you can upgrade to the premium model, which has both the timer and a light sensor. You can also mix together the two options on the unit, to have it open on the light sensor but close on the timer, or vice versa depending on how you want it.

What is brilliant about the ChickenGuard unit, is that it has two large override buttons on the front. Up early (unlikely in my case) and it's still dark outside, you can press the Open button and let your girls out early. Equally, home early and your girls are all in, but it isn't dark enough yet for the door to lower by itself, just push the Close button and lock them away safe for the night.

Having an Automatic Pop Hole Door on your hen house is a great aid for any poultry keeper. They save going outside on windy rainy nights to shut up the hens, or getting out of bed on a cold Sunday morning to let them out. They continue to prove popular with many of out customers here at Flyte soFancy. There is rarely a day when the FSF Workshop isn't fitting an Automatic Pop Hole Door to one of our hen houses ready to go to one of our customers.

If you have any questions about the unit why not leave a comment below or call us on 01300 345229 to talk to a member of our team.

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