Wednesday, 8 January 2014

The Flyte so Fancy 2014 Catalogue

The Flyte so Fancy Catalogue is a much coveted tome of chicken coops and poultry feeds. A compendium of healthy tonics for your hens and a portfolio of poultry housing. This magnificent codex of chicken supplies is a wonderful handbook of all things possible and dreams that have to be put into the "one day" column (yes we're talking about you Gypsy Hen Houses).

As we move into January, work on the Flyte so Fancy 2014 Catalogue is in full swing, and as I only have two jobs associated with preparing the catalogue (firstly, the unenviable task of trying to get Phill to sit still long enough to write a cover letter and secondly generally getting in the way) I thought I would turn the Flyte so Fancy Blog's attention to just how we create our magnificent brochure.

Work begins on the Flyte so Fancy Chicken Brochure

It usually begins around November, when Anne and Phill take to the previous years brochure, crossing out the old products and discontinued items. Once they have been crossed out its the turn of Anne's dreaded red marker pen to highlight where she would like new photos. All through the summer, as the sun shines down on our beautiful corner of the Dorset countryside, we like to take the opportunity to get as many gorgeous photos of our houses, in as many lovely places as possible, being given a test drive by our favourite feathered friends.

Flyte so Fancy Geese and Duck Houses

A blank booklet is produced on the computer and with the help of our own very techno expert Gareth, the rough layout is produced. This is then built on, with products being added here, new expert advice dispensed onto the pages and up to date photos put in place. For example our new Chickenguard Automatic Door needed a full page to show off its fantastic functionality and usability. With some thought, planning and shifting of the various pages, it is allowed to go next to the VSB units, giving the reader our full selection of Automatic Door Openers for chicken coops on one page, making an improved and better catalogue to read.

After everything is in it's place, a physical copy goes to Anne and out comes her dreaded red marker pen again. This continues to roughly January, until everything is just perfect. This is where I enter the picture and have to get Phill out of the workshop long enough to write his covering letter. Nowhere near as easy as it sounds, as the man would much rather be in the workshop tinkering. Anne of course never being any trouble.

2014 Brochure in the works from Flyte so Fancy

That is the state of the Flyte so Fancy 2014 Brochure as I type today. Phill and Anne are sat with a red marker pen going through it one more time and my idea for a new front cover of a chicken giving a thumbs up has been completely ignored for a third year in a row. The front cover is kept top secret and is just as much a surprise to many of us here at Flyte so Fancy as it is our customers. Very soon it will be leaving us for the printers and upon returning, will soon be winging its way around the country and through your letterboxes.

If you want put your name down for a Flyte so Fancy 2014 brochure now, give us a call on 01300 345229 and we will add you to our already considerable and ever growing list.

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