Friday, 19 September 2014

Outdoor Cat Play Pens

Driving home on Tuesday 16th listening, with the wireless dial firmly on Radio4's PM show, amid all the news and objectivity, there was an interesting little segment all about keeping cats inside or in an enclosed run, to help reduce their stress levels.

The research was done by Dr John Bradshaw of Bristol University, who has discovered that stressed cats, which can lead to both mental and physical health issues for your moggy, when confined can be significantly happier. Doctor Bradshaw's findings highlighted three areas where keeping a cat contained had advantages.

  1. When all cats roam free, there is bullying and fighting over territory. Often leading the loser being to scared to go out. 
  2. Busy roads are the main killer of young cats.
  3.  Keeping a cat inside or an in a run helps encourage wildlife into your garden. 
During the interview Dr Bradshaw pointed to the example of Europe, with many people living in apartments, cats are kept inside with little detrimental effects to their health. While we are not arguing with his findings, Flyte so Fancy have a slightly different approach, with our outdoor cat houses and runs

Cat Houses for the Garden
The Cottage Outdoor Cat House
The Cottage Outdoor Cat House is stylish living for your much loved moggies. With a large raised living area with room for beds, toys and litter trays, the apartment is accessed through a lockable cat flap. Access to the raised living area is gained though a regal staircase or ramps and corner shelf landings, with the addition of a third shelf for snoozing in the sun. 

Made with the same pressure treated timbers as our hen houses, access for the two legged is as just as easy, with a large access door on the front, smaller access door on the back and entry into the living area through a large hinged back panel, the Cottage Outdoor Cat House is luxury living for your feline friends.

cat play pen in the garden
Cat Play Pen for the Garden 
If you are looking for somewhere where your cat can stretch its paws whilst remaining safe and sound, an outdoor cat play pen is an ideal safe haven. Completely enclosed, constructed from strong pressure treated timber framing and galvanised weldmesh, it provides a secure playpen for your garden while still being able to survey his or her domain. . With the option of adding corner shelves and ramps for your cat to climb and with plenty of room inside for a cat house, it will keep your cat completely safe and sound and utterly stress free. 

safe pens for cats in the garden
Cat Play Pen Accessories, Including Ramps and Shelves
The cat play pens come in various sizes to match all and any gardens (the junior range for smaller gardens) and is the best of both worlds (in letting your cat roam free of molestation while keeping them safe). 

Cats make wonderful pets and if I could ever get Blackie, the office cat, to wake up long enough to go outside into one of our pens to stretch his legs he would love it. Keeping your cats safe and secure can greatly increase their happiness, and a happy cat usually means a happy home. 

If you have questions about our cat houses or play pens why not leave us a comment or give us a call on 01300 345229.

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  1. We don't have cats, but I think these are a fab idea!