Thursday, 2 October 2014

The Best Selling Poultry Drinkers

A recent organised weekend walk on the last vestiges of a summery Sunday, found me trekking over the beautiful hills of Dorset, with the maximum amount of grumbling I could muster. Gates, styles, streams and the slightest change in incline where all met with the same verbose grumbling. However when I was informed that the terminus of our walk was a pub, my spirits soon lifted. Good job too, as by the time we arrived at the Rose and Crown I was well beyond merely parched and I availed myself of the local tipple with alacrity.

There is nothing to beat a nice cool drink when your thirsty and our hens, ducks and geese here at FSF HQ are no different. We have numerous drinkers set up in our poultry paddock and chicken pens, but this week the FSF Blog is taking a different tack and looking at the Best Selling Poultry Drinkers that you, our customers, buy. 
  • Combo 6 Litre Drinker
A heavy duty, robust, British made plastic drinker, the 6 litre Combo drinker proves popular with people with only a few hens, or those who do not want to take up much room in their chicken pen with a great big drinker. Coming with 3" legs to help pick the drinker up off the floor and with its wide deep saucer, to stop the water being fouled, the drinker is suitable for chickens, ducks and geese.
Poultry Drinkers
Combo Poultry Drinkers
  • Honeypot Drinkers 10 litre, 20 litre and 30 litre
Consistently popular with customers, this British made Honeypot drinker is a great self contained poultry drinker for feeding your flock fresh water. Coming in a 10 litre, 20 litre or 30 litre option, these drinkers are easy fill through the top handle/cap. With the drinking saucer raised up off the ground, they always provide fresh water through a vacuum system and is ideal for larger poultry pens and paddocks to save you having to re-fill your drinker every day.

Chicken Water Feeders
Honeypot Drinkers 10L, 20L, 30L
  • 13 litre Bucket Drinkers
Shaped like a bucket and lain upon its side, the Galvanised Metal Bucket Drinker, that holds around 13 litres, is perfect for chickens, but they are especially useful as duck and geese drinkers. The advantage with this design of drinker is that little sunlight can reach the water, which prevents green algae build up and due to it being raised up your hens cannot kick dirt into it. The drinker also comes in a colourful 4 litre painted size, in either pink or green to add a splash of colour to your chicken run.

Painted Drinker for Chickens
4L Painted Bucket Drinker
  • Galvanised Chicken Fountain Drinker
Metal, heavy duty fountain drinkers, made from sheet steel and then galvanised after manufacture, these are robust and sturdy poultry drinkers that will last a lifetime. Suitable for chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys, they come in a range of sizes from 2.25 litres up to 13.5 litres, meaning there is a drinker to suit your number of hens.

Poultry Drinkers
Galvanised Fountain Drinkers for Hens
  • Rapid Clean Tripod Poultry Drinkers 
New in to Flyte so Fancy The Rapid Clean Tripod Poultry Drinker is an easy clean. easy to fill, with a strong plastic tripod stand that lifts the water pan up off the ground, keeping it clean and free of contamination. Available in either a 6 litre or 9 litre option, the high grade plastic used helps to slow the growth of algae within. The drinker is filled from the top, reducing any chances of soaking yourself at the tap and since arriving at Flyte so Fancy these drinkers have been flying off the shelves. 

Flyte so Fancy Poultry Drinkers
6L Rapid Clean Poultry Drinker
This is merely a small selection of the numerous drinkers that Flyte so Fancy sell for every occasion and situation that a poultry keeper might have or need. If you have a question about one of these drinker or want to talk about what might be best suited for you and your girls, why not leave a comment, give us a call on 01300 345229 or watch our useful youtube video on our range of water drinkers.

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