Friday, 6 February 2015

Flyte so Fancy - Dorset Master Craftsmen

Our shop here at Flyte so Fancy has recently gone through a bit of a renovation. Now bigger, there is more room for everything "chicken". Shelf upon shelf of magic tonics, yummy treats, feeders, drinkers and anything else you can think of.

With a little log burner installed and everything given a lick of paint, the shop was looking spic-n-span. However, we were missing a couple of shelves on which to display some of mugs and chicken gifts, from our sister website I Like Chickens.

As always in times of need, the workshop foreman and his team set-to, under the parameters "can we have a few shelves please?". So, the workshop rolled up their sleeves, got out their tape measures and graph paper and started work.

We like to think here at Flyte so Fancy that our reputation is built upon the quality, strength and durability of our hen houses. the result of my request for "a few shelves" can be seen below and the quality and workmanship that went into building my shelves, is the same as goes into every single hen house here at Flyte so Fancy.

Flyte so Fancy
The Base of the Shelves
Timber Poultry Housing
The Top of the Shelves
I will admit even at this stage of the building I was sceptical as to what the workshop had in mind. My idea of a shelf is a horizontal piece of wood, that doesn't fall down.

Shelves for the FSF Shop
Careful Hand Painting by John from the Workshop
Flyte so Fancy Workshop
A Careful Hand Sand of any Rough Edges
A sanding and a careful coating of paint was then applied, to what is surely the fanciest shelves ever made from a simple request.

Chicken Supplies from Flyte so Fancy
Lifted into Place in the FSF Shop
I Like Chickens
Time to Fill the Shelves
Put in place and with the shelves being filled up with some of our finest chicken bits and bobs I have to admit, our workshop team certainly know what they are doing. Master craftsmen indeed.

Do not fear though, Flyte so Fancy focus has swiftly returned to continuing making our top quality timber poultry houses and we are NOT moving into the business of making shelves. I'm just off to make the Master Craftsman a cup of tea as a well done.

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  1. How fab is this! Love it....thank you for the very speedy delivery of our latest order for you back garden hens, they are loving their new eucalyptus scented bedding :) I forgot to order a couple of things so will be back again soon.

    1. That's great to hear Carole. Look forward to talking to you soon.