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Electric Fencing Kits for Poultry Protection

Electric Fencing for Protecting Hens
Flyte so Fancy Chicken Paddock
Last week I wrote with some sadness how a recent power cut in our poultry paddock, let a fox break through our electric fence and attack our beloved cockerel, Sergeant Speckles. As many of you know, and thank you for the kind words we have received, Sergeant Speckles didn't make it and upon the power being turned back on and our electric fence running at full power once again, our poultry paddock is fully guarded.

Foxes are becoming increasingly brazen in what they will do for a tasty meal of our beloved feathered friends. Both country foxes and their urban brothers are becoming more prevalent during the day and with cubbing season happening at the moment, the hungry mouths to feed at home only make them bolder.

With this rise in fox activity it is an ideal time to check that your current electric fence is in tip-top order. A little electric fence tester, like the audible key ring tester from Hotline, is a quick and easy way to tell you if your fence has power in it. Equally, the slightly more advanced LED fence tester will show you if you have 1,000 or 10,000 volts running through your netting. An electric net will ideally be running with around 3,000 volts passing through it. Handy ways to make sure your electric fence keeps Mr Fox at bay.

New into Flyte so Fancy for 2015 are the Gated Netting Kits, coming in lengths of 16m, 25m or 50m. These kits contain everything you need, from corner posts, an earth stake and an energiser to keep your hens safe from predators. The dual power energiser in this kit allows for the poultry netting to be run off either mains power or through a battery, which gives great versatility in how you use the net.

The new Gated Netting Kits also come with a separate Hot-Gate system to allow access into the pen. This means even if you are using your net in a straight line, as opposed to a circle or square, to block off the end of a garden, you can still put the gate into one end of the netting, to give you easy access into your hens. A very handy feature.

Electric Fencing for Chickens
Electric Netting Kits for Chickens
Electric fencing is a great way to keep both your poultry safe and predators out. With the occasional checks and maintenance, and as long as you keep the net clear of surrounding vegetation and over-grown grass which will sap its power, electric fencing forms an effective barrier against foxes.

Here at Flyte so Fancy we have had an electric fencing system protecting our precious girls and boys down in the chicken field for well over 7 years and it wasn't until a power cut a week ago, that we had our first major fox incursion into our chicken field.

Electric fencing is a superb way to keep your girls safe while giving them some extra room to stretch their feathers. If you have any questions about electric fencing you can speak to a member of our team on 01300 345229 or leave a comment below.

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