Friday, 26 February 2016

Broody Coops for Hens

We're having trouble deciding if it is currently Winter or Spring here in Flyte so Fancy's corner of Dorset. The nights are clear and cold, with everything being covered in a frosty crystalline sheen. Then come midday the sun is shining down with such intensity, it could be considered t-shirt weather.

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Broody Coop
No matter what is going on, the first signs of Spring are beginning to show and with it our thoughts for the coming year. Each year we have a use for a Broody Chicken coop for any number of uses. This versatile little house gets used in a myriad of ways, from a hospital ward, a temporary house for introducing new birds and as the name suggests, a broody coop for mother hens and chicks. 

The Broody Chicken Coop comes with both a house area and secure built in run, allowing your hen or chicks safe free movement. With built in handles it is easy to move around to fresh grass, and a lifting roof and removable run panel allow you complete access inside for cleaning. 

Sometimes if a hen has been injured badly or you are trying to sort out a particularly bad bullying problem, isolating a hen in the broody coop can help it recuperate and get back to full strength before returning it to the flock. Equally if you are segregating a bird to stop them from bullying others, the broody coop allows the bird to separate, giving the rest relief, while still allowing the birds to see and interact with each other. 

When introducing new birds to an established flock it is best to give the new bird a safe space for them to be in, until the flock accepts them. The secure wiremesh run allows the birds to see each other, and quickly allows for a new bird to be accepted by a flock making the whole process of introducing news birds quick and easy, without having to worry about bullying. Here at FSF HQ we regularly have new hens come to live us in the poultry paddock and we always use a broody coop as a preliminary way of introducing them.

As the name suggests the main use for the Broody Chicken Coop is as a broody hen house, for naturally incubating eggs under a broody hen or as a safe home for growing chicks, until they are ready for something a little bigger. We have a Buff Orpington that goes broody every single year and so each spring we always have chicks. All of our chicks grow up in the broody coop, where they are safe, until they are large enough to move to a bigger house, before finally being released into the poultry paddock. The broody coop comes with the option of a longer two metre run, giving your chicks even more space to stretch their mini wings. 

The Broody Chicken Coop is an essential hen house for chicken keepers. With its many uses, compact design and easy portability it is ideally designed for any number of problems poultry keepers can face. If you have questions about the broody chicken coop, leave a comment below or call us on 01300 345229 to speak to a member of the FSF team. 

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