Thursday, 19 May 2016

Poultry Drinkers - 3 of the Best

I moved down to Dorset just over a decade ago. Before then I had never known the simple undeniable joy of an ice cold cider on a very hot day. If there is any other drink that cuts through a parched mouth quite like a cold, tangy, amber cider, frankly I don't want to know about it. Unfortunately for my hens, the closest they can come to a cider is the cider vinegar I put in their drinker.

However, as the weather warms up (and we have had a few days here in Dorset that have been very hot), here at FSF HQ we make sure that the Poultry Drinkers, both for our hens that live by the shop and in our poultry paddock around the back, are all filled up with cool, refreshing water.

In this week's Blog we thought we would highlight three of our favourite poultry drinkers and illustrate what makes them ideal drinkers for your flocks.
Plastic Poultry Drinker for Hens
6L Rapid Clean Dirnk

Rapid Clean Tripod Poultry Drinkers

Hugely popular with poultry keepers as it easy to clean and to re-fill. Raised up on its durable tripod legs, the water is protected from contamination from ground litter by messy hens. Using a clever float and valve system, the drinker regulates the flow of fresh water into the basin, making sure that your hens always have a fresh source of water to drink. Made from high grade plastic, the drinker simply fills from the top, allowing for easy re-filling when the water gets low.

These drinkers are ideal for people with medium sized flocks, a 6 litre and 9 litre, as they won't need filling everyday. The cleverly designed valve and float system also means that you can rest assured that your hens will be getting a constant source of fresh, clean water.

Check out our new video on how to easily put together one of these superb drinkers, below.

Maxi Cup Drinkers

Chicken Poultry Drinkers
Maxi Cup Drinker
A British made semi-automatic drinker, it is designed to be used on old water tanks and buckets, turning containers into "mobile reservoirs" for your girls to drink from. Easy to fit and maintain, the clever valve system, self-fills the cup, allowing constant fresh water for your hens.

These versatile little drinkers are great for people looking to set up multiple drinker points around a larger paddocks or fields for their hens to drink from. They work equally well inside smaller runs providing fresh water to just a few hens.

Gaun Tripod Drinkers

Chicken Water Drinkers
Gaun 20L Tripod Drinker
New into Flyte so Fancy are these superb tripod drinkers by Gaun. Coming in three available sizes, 20L, 30L and 40L, these drinkers are ideal for larger flocks and for use in larger paddocks. A top fill drinker, the outlet pipe always keep the drinking saucer filled from above with fresh clean water. The raised drinking bowl also means that there is less chance of your hens contaminating the water, or from ground litter being kicked into it.

Made from durable plastic, these sturdy drinkers are ideal for those looking for a larger robust drinker for an area of the garden, or for setting up multiple poultry drinkers around a larger paddock or field.

These are just a few of the great poultry drinkers available from Flyte so Fancy's vast selection. If you have any questions about the drinkers mentioned, or if you would like to discuss which drinker may be best for your hens, why not leave a comment below or call 01300 345229 to speak to a member of the Flyte so Fancy team.

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