Friday, 17 May 2013

A "National Trust" in Flyte so Fancy

Canon's Ashby House, near Daventry is a beautiful National Trust Elizabethan Manor House set among tranquil gardens and features among many other things a Motte and Bailey castle, a medieval church, the occasional Jacobean tapestry and perhaps most exciting of all; a Flyte so Fancy Granary Hen House, which will soon be starring among the newly renovated gardens grand reopening to the national press (done from Sir Henry Dryden original 19th Century Designs).

Chickens in front of their Granary Hen House

Available in three sizes of picturesque beauty (3ft Granary, 4ft Granary or 6ft Granary for those who have more chickens than space) the Granary Hen house contains some fantastic features, superb finish and the same classic construction that is expected from Flyte so Fancy.

I was visiting the despatch department this morning, aiding in the packing of the National Trust's hen house, telling people how I would do it and generally getting in the way, but more importantly getting a really close look at the quality and thought that goes into the construction of this hen house. With its ornate fittings, the joinery-grade timber we use on all our builds and clever answers to everyday problems (i.e the removable tarpaulin droppings sheet that can just be hosed clean), the Granary is a great addition to any cottage garden setting, veggie patch or field. The 3ft Granary hen house is also eminently easy to move with its built in handles, requiring only two people to lift it from idyllic locale to perfect placement (although the larger models can be moved too, the FSF team demonstrating thus in the photo below).

Flyte so Fancy Carpenters

Rising high above the surroundings on its secure staddle stones, it's as close as we've been able to get so far to putting a chicken house on the 4th plinth. While having been personally chased back to the office by an irate Operations Manager aided by the collective might of the workshop and despatch team, wielding the Granary's barge boards, removable perches and finials, quite splendid it would look there too. Luckily for me the removable nest box had already been packed.

This majestic range of chicken houses comes with an option of a timber roof or an enchanting lead finished slate effect tiled option, which is a particular feature and  is the design that will be gracing Canon Ashby House. Everything about the Granary is emblematic of the clever design, strength of build and grace of beauty that we aim for here at Flyte so Fancy; and when we displayed a Granary among other houses at the Royal Hampton Court Show 2012 it received a fabulous response from all who saw it and we hope that if you are strolling around the newly renovated gardens at Canon Ashby on a sunny weekend, you will admire it too.

Flyte so Fancy RHS 2012

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