Friday, 24 May 2013

Chicken Protection Pens

Finding a rare moment in between the "summer" rain showers and general bleak grey colour the sky has been since February, Rich (our Operations Manager) and myself (office dogs-body) rushed onto the lawn armed with variety of screws, a camera, a screwdriver and the sheer pluck and determination to get the new Junior Protection Pen Instructions done before the next black cloud rolled over (as you can see from the image below we were not short of people with "useful" tips).

Building a Junior Protection Pen by committee.

The Junior Protection Pen as you no doubt guessed from the name is a baby version of our incredibly popular Protection Pen range. After many many many customers phoned up and requested a slightly smaller Protection Pen to fit in any garden, Boss Phill rallied the troops and came back with the results. At only 6ft wide the Junior Poultry Protection Pen is a perfect size for any garden, the handy fact that they come in three lengths of 9ft, 12ft or 15ft long doesn't hurt either.

Junior Protection Pen for Chickens Gable End
The 'Junior' (always said in a Sean Connery accent after having seen Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade far too many times) boasts a walk in door which even at my great height of 6' 2" is an easy fit and once inside I can stand straight, whilst admiring the chickens clucking around. The Junior has all the usual strong build predator proof panels as all our runs do, with their plastic coated galvanised weldmesh, strong framework and a padlockable door.
Rainproof roofing for the hens pen

The vast array of extras available to the Junior Protection Pen, can turn this from a safe haven for hens to a chicken cathedral. Our transparent weather-proof roofing means that your girls can be out enjoying some exercise without having to worry about keeping their skirts out of the mud. When combined with the windproof skirting (great for bantams and quails to keep the wind from their feathers) the run becomes a dry and safe place for hens. The Mating Panel that can be fitted to the run also provides a safe passage between house and exercise yard for your girls, combining the spaciousness of the Protection Pen with the safety of the hen house. Finally the run was designed with smaller gardens in mind and as such it has two sturdy handles built into the poultry protection pen itself, so when its time to move to fresh grass, it's pip, pip and chocks away!

Hens trying our a protection pen

Having got to the end of our instructions build and taken a moment to enjoy a cup of tea, we went and got a couple of our specially trained volunteers to give it a go. Mork and Mindy (two chickens of docile and inquisitive nature pictured above) have extensive training in trying out Flyte so Fancy Hen Houses and they gave our Junior Protection Pen two thumbs up.

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