Thursday, 19 September 2013

Dorset Logstores

It's beginning to get to the time of year, where even sitting in my nice cosy office, I consider it's time to hang up the shorts for another year and put on something a little warmer. It's also the time, when our log store begins to fill with carefully stacked logs, as we prepare for another unrelenting and often Siberian winter here in Dorset. As such, September is roughly when our sister company Dorset Logstores wakes up, blows the cobwebs from their eyelids and shake the sawdust from their ears, before setting to with an unwavering determination to build the very finest quality log stores, to be delivered up and down the country.

Wood Store
Dorset Logstores are the perfect way to season and stack your wood for the winter, in a store based around practicality infused with rustic beauty. Whether your looking for a large store like the Okeford with its majestically sloping roof, or a smaller store for going just outside the backdoor for ease of use (like the Melbury for example), Dorset Logstores has an extensive range of all shapes and sizes to fit any garden or fill any space.

All our logstores are designed with a 19mm gap (I've been informed that is 3/4" in old money) between each board to allow superior airflow to remove moisture from the logs in the shortest time possible. The attention to detail doesn't stop there either. The logstores are made form Tanilith-E treated Swedish redwood, this top quality timber will last around 15 years without any treatment. Never foolish men who build their houses on sand, only the finest construction screws and fittings have been chosen by the workshop to be used for finishing off the logstore.

As well as its traditional timber roofing, the logstores uniquely come with a choice of roof styles. Our cedar shingle roofs are made using Canadian cedar attached to a 19mm plywood backing, giving the store a natural look. The Slate effect roofing is made from a coated polyester resin composite, again on a 19mm plywood backing, giving the whole log store an effortless style and stature.

Kindling on the shelf

All the necessary fireside essentials are available from our sister company too. There are the brushes and pans for the all important pre-fire clean, the wicker baskets for transporting your bone dry logs to your roaring fireplace and all the pokers, shovels and tongs to keep your inferno blazing.

An Okeford Logstore with Slate effect roof

Dorset Logstores have everything you need for keeping Jack Frost from the door, and means that people like me can continue to wear their shorts for just that little bit longer. Now all you want is a helpful fellow to chop up that big pile of wood you have.

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