Thursday, 5 September 2013

My favourite Painted and Decorated Flyte so Fancy Hen Houses

Since the launch of our much admired, beautiful and radiant Gypsy henhouse in 2010, Flyte so Fancy has been offering its customers the chance to add that little extra bit of charm to their chicken coop, with our painting service. Of course here at FSF HQ we love the natural timber of our hen houses, but that little artistic flourish can really add something to our gorgeous coops. Whether its sedate traditional colours or something a little more eye catching over the last three and a bit years we've sent out some brilliantly decorated coops (not forgetting all the intricate detail on the Gypsy henhouses). So I thought i would put together a little blog of some of my favourites, and perhaps give you some ideas for your own chicken coops.

Chicken Coop with painted option

These were two painted Long Legged Maggie's Dozen Hen Houses that we had going out on the same day earlier on this year. The house on the right is painted with a cornish butter body, with a doulton blue roof and accents. The eye catching coop on the left is done up in purple pout and jungle fever green. We asked our facebook followers to vote on which one they liked best and the result was neck and neck (my favourite still being the coop on the left).

duck house decorated with ivy

Here we have a photo of a Hobby Duck House, that the customer requested be decorated like a Gypsy Daydream. As such, it has been painted in cornish butter, with those bold pugin red trims, and has the added touch of creeping ivy up both its sides and decorative daffodils around the pop hole. A lovely looking little house.

poultry protection pen

This photo shows an Annie's Coop inside a 9 x 9 Protection Pen, that we had on our display area here at FSF HQ. We spruced it up with a paint job so the residents hens would stop complaining. A fairly simple paint scheme, it does however add that little hint of charm to the middle of the pro pen.

Of course our decorated Gypsy Henhouses is the pinnacle of chicken house painting and decoration. With its intricate and highly detailed individual style it really adds that unique touch to any chicken house. Here are some close ups of my favourite designs.

roses chicken coop

daffodil gypsy hen house

Painted hen house

Roses, daffodils and poppies all making these hen houses a real spectacle to behold.And of course once the hen house is complete, the final result is quite something too. 

Decorated Chicken Coop

These were some of my favourite decorated hen houses that we have done over the last few years. If you've decorated your hen house in a unique way, why not send us a picture so we can see, and if you haven't, I hope this has given you some ideas on how you could paint your Flyte so Fancy Hen House

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