Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Fantasia Hen House

Down at the bottom of the garden; beyond the vegetable patch and further than the compost heap, where beams of sunshine preamble amid the dappled shade of the trees, and the birdsong combines with insect choirs in making harmonious melodies, there lies a place where magic is found. Where on a summer’s night any shadow could be a goblin, the mushrooms perform secret waltzes with the flowers and King Oberon rules over his eventide realm.

Fantasia Hen House
The Fantasia Rose Hen House
Into this place of enchantment comes the Fantasia Hen House. 

Chicken Decoration on Flyte so Fancy Hen House
Chicken Decoration
Now, rarely have I ever been accused of being overtaken with a sense of whimsical romanticism. However, the natural beauty of our surrounding's here in the Blackmore Vale in the centre of Dorset, and the graceful and delicately designed hen houses of Phill's "wiser" years, often leads to a penchant for the poetical, the odd little melodic phrase and the occasional bon mot here and there. 

With the gentle fades of its sides, through the compound curve of its roof, the Fantasia hen house is a coop with all the style and practical features that the modern chicken keeper quests for. Designed for six to eight hens, this capacious coop has plenty of head room for even the tallest of birds. Its large side entrance, plus it's double rack of removable perches and washable PVC droppings sheet make cleaning easy-peasy. Add to this full width ventilation cleverly disguised under the over hang of the slate effect tiled roof and the large front pop-hole, the result is an airy and spacious chicken house. Plus it's detachable nest box makes egg collection and cleaning a cinch.

Fantasia Hen House from Flyte so Fancy
A Spot of Shade
The Fantasia Hen House is available in three unique and distinctive styles. Firstly, unadorned in it's natural golden timber. Secondly, in Marston and Langinger Shades of Peppered Sage, Cafe Latte and Swedish Blue, which highlight the gentle curve of the roof and the tapering of the sides to subtle but glorious effect. Finally, is the Fantasia Rose. Like the castle from Sleeping Beauty, this hen house comes entwined in hand painted individual pink roses, fully illuminating the coop to it's paramount.

New to Flyte so Fancy in 2014, we are sure that the Fantasia Chicken Coop, with it's touch of enchantment, grace and magic, will prove a firm favourite with those chicken keepers looking to add a dash of fairy-tale charm to their gardens, in the places where the sprites and the pixies play.

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