Tuesday, 1 April 2014

From Lambs to Chicks

Followers of our social media pages would have, a few weeks ago, seen that Debbie from the office has been spending her afternoon's helping at a local farm with the lambing season. The photo's she brought in for us raised many an "Ahhhhhh" from the even the gruffest manliest of men from within the workshop. This week at Flyte so Fancy HQ has seen the hatching of our first chicks of the year, guaranteed to draw a similar "Ahhhhh" from the most stoic of carpenters.

Cute Dorset Lambs
Dorset Lambs
The FSF Blog has posted before on the bits and bobs you will need to get ready if your planning on rearing some chicks of your own, from Broody Coop's through to the right sort of feeders and drinkers for chicks. The FSF website also has a fantastic information page all about incubation, hatching and rearing, compiled from the collective wisdom of the bosses many, many, many years (I'll be in trouble with the bosses for putting in one many too many there) of hatching chicks. Of course not everyone has the room for natural rearing and FSF has a great supply of incubators, especially this new Novital All in One.  So, this year as our hatching season starts I thought I'd mainly post some pictures of the cute new recruits to our flock.

Naturally Rearing Chicks
FSF Chicks

Cute Chicks in a Broody Coop
Heinz 57 Chickens

Bedding for Chickens
HempBed-E inside the Broody Coop for Warmth

Hand Rearing Chicks with a Hen
Chicken All-Sorts headed out into the Broody Coop Run

Small Chicken Coop for Rearing Chicks
Protective Mother Hen just out of Shot

Hatching Chicks
Inquisitive Chicks 

Flyte so Fancy Chicken Supplies
New Recruits to the FSF Team

With Gold Hamburg Chicks very soon on the way and a Goose that any day now looks ready to take up residence on her nest and hiss at anyone who comes within a metre of her, we're sure it's going to be another year of cute and fluffy chicks. I haven't even been down to the pond yet to check what the ducks are up to this year!

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Flyte Aviary 8
More Team Members Arriving Soon

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