Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Flyte so Fancy Chicken Blog Birthday!

This Sunday 26th April will mark a prodigious poultry milestone. An anniversary of epic proportions. A landmark that will long be spoken of in the Annals of Flyte so Fancy history. An occasion that will no doubt.....

Well I might have somewhat given myself over to hyperbole now. However, this Sunday does indeed mark one year of my tenure as the Flyte so Fancy Blogger. During that year I have spent my time making a nuisance of myself in the workshop, getting in the way of the ever busy despatch department and (hopefully) compiling some useful hints and tips about chickens for both myself and all other chicken keepers. So, as a celebration of my blogs first birthday, I skimmed through and plucked out some of my favourite misadventures and fact finding missions.

Flyte so Fancy Chickens Free Ranging
Chickens on a Sunny Day
All the way back in May 2013 I headed onto the lawn with Operations Manager Rich to get some new Junior Protection Pen Instructions finished, before the next black cloud stopped above FSF HQ. The Junior Protection Pen Pen is the smaller version of our incredibly popular Poultry Protection Pen and is perfect for those with an economy of space, while still standing 6' 2" inches high it is high enough for you to join your flock inside. Having got the Junior Protection Pen up before the sun disappeared behind the next cloud, some of our dedicated feathered testers were popped safely inside and I returned to the office.

Long Legged Hobby Hen Houses
Phillipa Forrester at RHS Hampton Court 2013
Throughout the summer of 2013 the blog repeatedly turned its attention to the building, preparation and decorating of six very special Long Legged Hobby Hen Houses by six celebrities, that went on to be displayed at the RHS Royal Hampton Court Show and the RHS Tatton Park Show. With the likes of BHWT supporters Kate Humble, Phillipa Forrester and Deborah Meaden all giving it a go, some Flyte so Fancy Hen Houses received some truly unique style.

In July 2013 after talking to a customer who was worried about her three bantams catching intestinal worms, the blog looked at the issue of poultry worms and put together an information blog about identifying, curing and preventing this particular problem. Which earned a second phone call from the same customer thanking us for being so helpful, something which brought a smile to this particular bloggers face.

Similarly in August 2013 the blog turned its attention to the common poultry pest to plague chicken keepers, Red Mite. Sitting down with Phill and Anne, the blog put together a list of Top Tips for Getting Rid of Red Mite. From Anne's handy hint of putting Vaseline on the end of the perch to help identify to if your girls are suffering, through to a simple picture of what red mite actually look like, it was a blog entry that garnered some great feed back from our FSF customers who found it useful.

Gypsy Hen House
Gypsy Daydream Hen House
Another favourite blog entry of mine, is from way back in September 2013 when the blog looked at some of my personal favourite painted and decorated hen houses. From the intricate art work of the Gypsy Daydream Hen Houses, to the simple two tone of an Annie's Coop we had on display, adding a dab of paint to a Flyte so Fancy Chicken Coop can really enhance the style of your hen house and add a splash of colour to the garden.

Finally in the last few weeks the Flyte so Fancy Blog has been all about Incubating, Hatching and Rearing chicks, spurred on by the arrivals of some Heinz 57 chicks, Silver Hamburgs and soon to be hatched baby ducklings to the FSF Team. With hints and tips on getting the best results, questions and answers and particularly cute pictures of fluffy chicks.

FSF Team Members
In the last year the Flyte so Fancy Chicken Blog has wandered through such important subjects as the changing rules EU rules in Mealworms to help customers understand what was going on, covered everything from poultry bedding to most recently, automatic chicken house door openers and much, much, much more besides. From wild birds to woodchip the blog has always worked hard to be interesting, informative and most importantly amusing,  and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you very much for reading for the last year.

Thanks for Reading

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