Friday, 23 May 2014

A Weekend in the Flyte so Fancy Chicken Paddock

Last weekend was lovely here in Dorset. The sun shone down, from a sky of such a rich hue of azure it looked like a tapestry of sapphires woven overhead. Whilst the chicken paddock was such a lush and verdant green it was like walking through the cloud forests of Costa Rica.

As usual I have been overwhelmed with a whimsical sense of romanticism by the beauty of our corner of the countryside here in the Blackmore Vale. However, embracing brevity like a true friend, it really was beautiful this week down in the Flyte so Fancy chicken field.

This weeks Blog is a selection of photos that we snapped whilst spending some quality time with our hens, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, and one of the most cowardly roosters you will ever meet, as they pecked around their chicken coops, played by the pond and stretched their wings in the sunshine.

Duck House by Flyte so Fancy
Our Ducklings are Getting Bigger Everyday
The Chicken Field at FSF HQ
The World's Most Cowardly Rooster 
Flyte so Fancy Waterfowl
FSF Geese Down by the Pond
Free Ranging Chickens
The Flock by the Pond
Flyte so Fancy Hen House
Guinea Fowl Watch the Geese Get Ready for a Swim
With a volley of showers forecast for the Spring Bank Holiday weekend, I will certainly be waiting for the sun to come out again so myself and the chickens can get out of our hen houses and back into the field. No doubt the ducks and geese will resolutely sit in the middle of the pond no matter how much rain falls.

That's all folks

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