Thursday, 29 May 2014

Setting a VSB Automatic Door Battery Timer

I am a great fan of modern technology. Mobile phones, bigger fancier TV's and unnecessary gadgets that take longer to do the chore than just doing it by hand, all have a place in my life. The portable espresso maker for the car is on my wish list I must admit. Unfortunately for myself and this love of gadgetry, it is a very one sided love affair. Modern technology rarely (if ever) reciprocates my affections.

VSB Chicken Coop Door Opener
VSB Door Opener and Battery Timer
As such computer wizard, Flyte so Fancy techno-boffin and all round electronic know-it-all, has stepped up to the plate and created some helpful bullet points and an informative video all about setting the VSB Automatic Door Battery Timer, which by my assertions is quite tricky, but with this helpful guide it is as easy as boiling an egg. 
  • To make adjustments press the program button (a diamond in a circle). A 'P' will appear under the hour display. This means the timer is ready for setting. 
  • The timer comes with default factory settings of opening at 8am and closing at 10pm. 
  • The timer will only open at your chosen time if it is light. That means if you set it close at 10pm and it gets dark at 9pm, the door will close at 9pm. Similarly if you set the timer to open at 6am and the sun doesn't rise until 7am, the door will not open. 
  • The buttons can sometimes be a little imprecise, so don't be afraid to give a button a good hard push. Don't use a hard object like a pen, just a firm push with your finger. Practise makes perfect with battery timers. 
  • Only use good brand-name alkaline batteries. Not rechargeables. They just don't have the same effect.
For an in-depth walk-through the setting of a battery timer watch our video below for a visual step by step guide on how to set this really useful addition to the VSB Automatic Pop-Hole Door.

For a more in-depth written guide on setting a battery timer have a look at page 8 of your instruction book provided, or as always we are on the end of the phone if you have any more questions, and while my Luddite sensibilities will probably be of little use, we have smart people abound here at Flyte so Fancy, always eager to help.

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