Friday, 30 January 2015

A Tonic for the Winter Blues - Poultry Tonics and Supplements

Readers of our recent January Newsletter will know of my mothers cure for colds and my personal feelings towards the use of warm Ribena to prevent them. In short, I hate it. Hot, cold, in a mug, with biscuits or served as my only option.

Because of this recent focus on tonics to cure my ailing body, this week the Blog's attention is focused on three tonics that are great for giving to your poultry all year around, but especially during these chillier winter months, when we all need a little pick me up.
Poultry Tonics
100ml Oreganico Tonic

Oreganico Poultry Tonic

Oreganico is a natural solution of oregano oils to be added to drinking water, which is perfect for boosting your flock's immune system. With anti-microbial and anti-oxidant properties, this 5% solution of oregano and essential oils is a natural solution to antibiotics. Suitable for all poultry and game birds, at a dosage of half a teaspoon to 5 litres of water, it is a highly effective and economical supplement.

Particularly good for helping hens with the sniffles, all of our hens, ducks and geese here at Flyte so Fancy get a regular dose of Oreganico in their drinking water. Coming in a handy 100ml dropper bottle if you only have a few hens to a large 1L bottle for those with a bigger flock to care to for. Oreganico Poultry Tonic is a great supplement for winter to boost your girls immune system through the colder months.

Net-Tex Vit-Boost Poultry Tonic with Seaweed
Tonic for Chickens in Winter
Vit-Boost Tonics

A complete vitamin and mineral nutritional tonic, this supplement from Net-Tex can be given to hens to promote general health all year around. It's added bonus is the seaweed, which provides essential iodine aiding digestion. Essential vitamins and minerals are also contained within this tonic.

It improves yolk colour and eggshell strength, making it useful during the winter when egg laying tends to be a little more draining for the bird. At a rate of roughly 5ml per 5L of water, a little goes a long way and will soon put a spring in the step of your flock.

Biolink Prebiotic Multivitamin Poultry Tonic

Poultry Tonic
Pre-Biotic Tonic
A complementary liquid tonic, Biolink Prebiotic Multivitamin Poultry Tonic is specifically designed to promote healthy birds and can giving to all types of poultry. It has a three part solution to help your hens diet and keep them tip-top, so great to use during the colder weather.

The prebiotics contained within, ensure a suitable environment in the intestine so that beneficial bacteria can take residence. Its anti-oxidants help strengthen the immune system and it's multi-vitamins help general hen health. At a dosage of 15ml per 2L of water, it can used all year long.

These are just three of a range of tonics available from Flyte so Fancy for giving to your birds, all year long and especially during the winter to help them through the short chilly days and the long cold nights.

If you have any questions about a specific tonic or would like to know more in general, why not leave a comment below or phone a member of the team on 01300 345229.

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