Wednesday, 21 January 2015

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch - The Best Wild Bird Feeds to Attract Birds to Your Garden

This weekend will see my binoculars firmly pressed to my eye balls as I stare out of the window (not to worry it's nothing sinister). This weekend, January 24th - 25th, is the RSPB Big Garden Bird Watch and for the second year in a row I will faithfully and accurately be recording for an hour, all  the wild birds that stop by Flyte so Fancy's little corner of Dorset.

Of course, to make sure I attract as many birds to the garden as possible over the weekend, I have been spending the day stocking up our bird feeders and tables to make sure that any bird stopping by for a peck to eat, wont be left hungry.

Flyte so Fancy stocks a range of different garden bird feeds, so this week the blog is going to look at the different feeds that will attract birds to your garden.

Very popular among your smaller garden birds, due to the smaller size and having soft shells, they are high in energy, packed with protein and great for attracting a variety of garden birds to your garden, but most especially finches and tits. They can be used in a seed feeder, on a bird table or even strewn on the floor for ground feeding birds.

Flyte so Fancy Wildbird Feeds
Greenfinch on a Seed Feeder

Peanuts are great for giving to all garden birds, especially during the winter months when food is scarce. A traditional feed for garden birds and a staple of most garden shed shelves, they are high in protein and essential oils. However peanuts should always be served in a feeder, as some of the smaller, greedier or younger birds can choke on whole nuts.

Peanuts for Garden Birds
Woodpecker enjoying some Peanuts

An oil and energy rich seed, Nyger seed, is very similar to that of the thistle or teasels. A favourite bird food with many breeds, it is a garden bird food magnet for goldfinches. A bird feeder with small holes or a large base will stop wastage and the excess of these tiny seeds being thrown over the floor.

Nyger Seed for Wildbirds
Goldfinches love Nyger Seed

An ever growing popular choice due to it not leaving a husk to mess up the garden. A feed that is loved by many species of birds, especially finches, tits and sparrows (as well as some of the bigger garden birds like woodpeckers). A very versatile high energy feed, it can be used in bird feeders, loose on bird tables or scattered on the floor for ground feeding.

Sparrows enjoying seeds
Sparrow landing for a bite to eat

A seed mixture that contains a little bit of everything to help attract the widest variety of wild birds to your garden, it is a good feed for all year round.  Filled with ingredients like chopped peanuts, sunflower seeds, wheat, cut maize and more it is a great feed that gives a little bit of everything that a garden bird needs.

Robin enjoying some seed
The FSF Garden's Robin
All these different feeds will attract a vast swarm of wild birds to your garden, and means that I am completely ready for recording the various sparrows, blue tits, goldfinches, robins and occasional woodpecker that all stop by the Flyte so Fancy garden for a bit to eat. 

If you have your own tasty treat for attracting wild birds why not share it with us in the comments below or to speak to a member of our team call us on 01300 345229. 

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  1. Love your photos...we were 'down' on the numbers and varieties of birds in our garden this year, which was a bit of a shame, Carole Z

    1. Thank you. Our garden Robin kept throwing our numbers off.