Wednesday, 7 January 2015

The Dorset Ranger - A Mobile Chicken Coop

I don't remember through the haze of Christmas and New Year holiday exactly when it was, but at some point I settled down for the obligatory viewing of Mary Poppins, The Snowman and Ben Hur on the TV. The problem with watching Ben Hur nowadays is I can no longer take the great chariot race scene seriously anymore.

You see, our mobile chicken coop the Dorset Ranger, when it doesn't have it's built in run on the front looks not dissimilar to the a chariot. If you add into the mix a mind, wallowing in Ancient History, it doesn't take long for it to wander and pretty soon you are driving the house section of your Dorset Ranger Chicken Coop around the Circus Maximus.

Mobile Hen Houses
Anyone for a Chariot Race?
The Dorset Ranger of course, isn't a chariot.

It is a movable coop with a built in run, making it ideal for larger gardens and paddocks, and those looking to be able to up sticks and settle their chickens on pastures new. A clever counter balancing system means that to move the unit, all you need to do is lift it up by its handle on the end of the run and pull it to its new home. We have a 70 year customer who lifts them up and pulls them to their new home on the back of their ride on mower. Its clever features don't just stop there however.

When the Boss Phill was designing this coop for Flyte so Fancy, he had a few different and unique features in mind for his latest masterpiece. Access into the coop itself is simple, through the whole roof sliding forward on its runners, giving you top down access into the entirety of the coop. Very useful when it comes to the weekly clean out of your birds. It is then simply a case of pulling the roof securely into position.

Hen House on Wheels
Ext Run for Dorset Ranger
The Dorset Ranger also comes with a comfy, large external nest box with room for several birds to lay at once. The external nest box also lifts off the back, allowing the removable dirt tray floor to be pulled out, its contents dumped onto the compost heap and the marine plywood given a good scrub down.

A great final feature of the hen house is that you can choose the length of the run that you wish your girls to have. Coming with a 6ft run as standard, you can add run extensions, giving the run an overall length of 9ft or even 12ft in total, while still being able to lift the coop up and easily move it through its clever counter balancing system. The Ranger also comes in a choice of sizes as well to house either six or ten hens respectively.

Until the Boss Phill designs a coop to match Admiral Boom's house from Mary Poppins (something I have repeatedly asked for and repeatedly got the same response) the closest I'm going to get to some movie magic in the chicken keeping world is a Ben Hur chariot and the Dorset Ranger Chicken Coop.

Mobile Hen Houses from Flyte so Fancy
The Dorset Ranger Chicken Coop
For more information about the Dorset Ranger Mobile Hen House why not watch our YouTube video here or any of our chicken coops, why not leave a comment or give a member of our team a call on 01300 345229.

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